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Machine Vision Division.

ANTEC is also supplier for Machine Vision accessories including LED illuminators (Schott, CCS ) FA cameras (Toshiba/TELI, SONY, IDS, Balser ) and FA lenses (TAMRON, Myutron, Computar, Navitar).



With over 5 years in the machine vision market, we have accumulated experiences in the major industries including Electronics (FPD, PCB, hard disk, connectors, etc.), Semiconductors, Automotives, Packaging, Food and Pharmaceutical.



We provide technical consulation and lighting solutions to our customers and provide worldwide support through our network by offering application support by sample testing in our MV lab to meet your machine vision needs. Do send us your sample or images for a non-obligation testing result reply.

Supplier of Machine Vision Accessories


Antec offers a full line of industrial and machine vision cameras, lenses, frame grabbers, monitors and software for complete integration of your imaging applications. Antec also provides complete imaging systems with hardware and software solutions. These systems feature the following premier manufacturers:


Cameras by:
AVP, Basler, CIS, Hitachi, JAI

Panasonic, Sentech, Sony VIP,

Toshiba-Teli, Ueye.


Lenses by:
Computar, Fujinon, Kowa, Navitar, 

Ricoh/Pentax, Tamron, Tokina.


Lighting by:
Schott, CCS.


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